Friday, May 9, 2014

My newest music "crush"...

Lindsey Stirling.... what a talent... and how beautiful...

Alone she is astonishing, when she joins another artist the rendition becomes hers... she's that good.

All Of Me - John Legend w/ Lindsey Stirling

I love everything she plays ... check out her Phantom of the Opera video... WOW!!!

OK John Legend is, well, AMAZING!  Love this song!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Well well well.....

A very deep subject..... 

It's been over a year.  Seriously!

Where has the time gone? So many things have changed yet so many things have stayed the same.  

I'm still married, still monogamous, still somewhat active in the online communities as an observer only.   I have been able to reduce my libidinous needs by 90% or greater due to some medication I'm using to help with focus and a form of agitated depression.  My wife is much happier about the lack of sexual advances although she'll never admit it.  She does, however, admit that the 99% reduction in my explosive tendencies have greatly enhanced our relationship.   She's free to be independent, I'm free to do whatever I do, typically by myself.  The scars over my heart are still there as they are for my wife after 20 years of a bitter sexual power struggle.  Sometimes when I think it would be nice to make love I recall all the times she rejected me and I just say "what's the point?", it hurt then, it's going to hurt now, why bother with the pain? So I relent, I give up without even starting.  I'll tell you, my dear reader, that there is a true sense of power felt when you are the one saying "NO" and your mate is left wondering what happened.  I guess, in some weird way, I just don't care anymore.

With that being said, I would love nothing more than our life together to be the kind of life long love story about which songs are written.  I would really like our mutual desire to be reignited and to relearn how to love each other again.  Nothing would please me more.  But, I've hurt her badly.  Too badly it seems.  My consequence for that injury is an injury unto myself.  My heart is scarred in much the same way as hers and it causes me to resist the urge to approach her.  When I see her from across a crowded room my heart still skips a beat yet I can't allow her to see it so I play it down.  Ever the cool one I must be.  Is this really the upper hand? Do I really want the upper hand? At this point I guess I don't care anymore.... I just want the pain to stop and I want to find joy in my life again in some form. be continued...

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another week goes by...

Is it just me or is the earth spinning more quickly these days?  The time I have for a blog, a Pinterest, a Tumblr, and email and chats seems to have just vanished!  I'm sad for that as I miss my efriends, I miss the chats and sharing of pics.  I just miss it all.  Life is so hectic I really wish I could step out of my world and into a separate parallel reality with all my friends sans clothing... ;-)

For those who I have neglected please forgive me, it is not personal nor intentional and know that I am doing my best to make up for it. For now maybe click THIS:

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Let Me Do This!

A shout out is in order!  A new favorite Tumblr  has made its way across my desk.  If you like hot pics without all the porn-like atmosphere this is a site for you.  Completely NSFW and oh so worth the visit:

Let Me Do This To You is amazing!

Go check it out!

Monday, February 11, 2013

I'm too deep for Twitter

Twitter seems to be one of the "all the rage" social communication tools but I just don't get it.  Maybe I'm just not young enough but who has time to tweet their every effort?  "I'm tying my shoes now", "I'm on the loo now", "wiping now", "lingering a little to long while wiping and it feels wonderful now"....

Deeper thought, patience in constructing a mental thread, it takes time to make sense.  All too often our world and now our friends and acquaintances pass by too quickly.  We seem to have forgotten how to take our time and establish some form of quality in our life.  I fall prey to this many times each day.  Trying to do it all in a timely fashion.  Gotta do more, say more, contribute more, be more more more... bleh!  Perhaps maturity (e.g. age) is catching up with me?

We should all take a note from Ferris:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trying my hand yet again...

Well let's see where this takes me this time....

3rd time's a charm right?

I need a place to vent, a place to allow thoughts to escape, a place where I feel ... I don't know... safe.  Anonymity has its benefits and I suppose this is where I'll find that safe spot to release my inner demons.

Although I won't promise regular posts or any on a specific topic I will say this is an adult blog and THANKS for stopping by...